Break Away From The Pack

Does A Promissory Note Stand Between You And Your Goals?

With the knowledge, skills and clientele, you may feel like nothing can stand in your way now that you made the decision to break away from the pack.

However, there is crucial legal work that must be done to make sure seemingly small details do not thwart your dreams. At Breakaway Partners, this legal work is the focus of our firm. Our San Diego promissory note attorneys – dedicated professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience – can help ensure everything is in order for you to execute your plan to break away. The first step is reviewing your current employment promissory note. This includes a review of any existing promissory notes, promissory notes offered by your new employer, or other financial obligations you may have.

Clearing A Path For You To Run Free

Our experienced attorneys can make sure you are free from any entanglements that might impair your ability to break away and become autonomous. They are adept at identifying and resolving all legal issues stemming from promissory notes and/or related financial obligations. You can rely on them to protect your interests by:

  • Reviewing your promissory notes to determine any potential impact on your transition
  • Negotiating a repayment strategy that is in your best interest, where necessary
  • Pursuing your interests in any arbitration or litigation stemming from promissory note disputes.

You can rely on our dedicated professionals to handle promissory note issues so you can focus on breaking away and maximizing your growth. You will have direct contact with our responsive attorneys at every stage as we focus on helping you become a wolf in the financial sector.

Get Started Today

Whether you plan to break away imminently or a year from now, it is never too early or to late to get started. Call 619-826-8345 to discuss your situation with one of our promissory note lawyers. Based in San Diego, we serve clients nationwide.