Break Away From The Pack

Meet Your Industry Dispute Head On

Whether established or brand new, your RIA will inevitably face disputes from time to time. If litigation is threatening your practice or if you see conflicts developing on the horizon, the San Diego financial advising attorneys of Breakaway Partners have the skill and experience to meet that dispute head-on.

Do what it takes to stand your ground and overcome the challenge. Breakaway Partners‘ extensive experience is a powerful asset. We help clients across the U.S. address complex financial industry disputes in all phases of a dispute cycle:

  • Negotiations: We resolve many conflicts, such as unfair competition claims in the early stages, through skillful negotiations.
  • Mediation: We mediate disputes such as alleged raiding, pirating and misappropriation of trade secrets before they descend into full-blown litigation.
  • Arbitration: Many contracts stipulate that related disputes will be resolved in the private forum of arbitration. We are extremely experienced in all dispute resolution methods and venues including arbitration.
  • Litigation: While most claims are resolved out of court, we prepare every case as if our clients will face a judge and jury.

We regularly help clients resolve disputes that require interaction with government agencies and officials, including the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), state regulatory bodies and attorneys general.

Resolving A Variety Of Disputes In Our Clients’ Best Interests

Our clients include broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, banks, insurance brokers, and individual financial advisors. We help individuals and organizations prevail in cases that included allegations of:

  • Securities fraud;
  • Misrepresentation;
  • Violations of the Protocol for Broker Recruiting;
  • Violations of restrictive covenants;
  • Breaches of contracts, promissory notes or fiduciary duties;
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets; and
  • Unfair competition.

Our trial attorneys are experienced, knowledgeable and responsive. We provide tailored, cost-effective solutions, as well as personalized legal support, through all phases of a dispute.

Devise A Dispute Resolution Strategy To Suit Your Needs

Put your financial industry or commercial litigation matter behind you so that you may carry on with serving your clients and growing your business. To schedule a consultation with a dedicated trial attorney at Breakaway Partners in San Diego, call 619-826-8345 or send an email inquiry through this website. We serve clients nationwide.