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The decision to absorb a business or to accept being part of or sold to a larger company could be one of the most significant transactions any business owner may face. The business lawyers at Breakaway Partners, in San Diego, have the skills and knowledge it takes to guide you through complex merger and acquisition operations.

Our attorneys, John Vaughn and Chris Rowlett, will personally see your deal through. In business law, we understand that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and we make it our priority to understand all the details of your transaction.

Reliable Negotiators And Advisors To Help You In Every Step Of The Process

One of our goals when assisting you in mergers and acquisitions is to make the process as transparent as possible. After thoroughly discussing your business goals and potential issues, we will create a roadmap and discuss what you can expect from the process.

How Mergers Work

In plain terms, a merger occurs when a company absorbs one business or more for different purposes. For example, a merger could occur when two companies join together and become more competitive in the market.

There are four types of mergers depending on the operation of the businesses involved, as follows:

  • Vertical mergers – This refers to two businesses that are not in direct competition, for example, a company and its vendor.
  • Horizontal mergers – This involves two business entities that are direct competitors.
  • Congeneric mergers – This is a transaction that involves companies in the same industry that sell different products to consumers.
  • Conglomerate mergers – A type of merger that includes companies that target different consumer areas and are not direct competitors.

A business may have an option to buy a company or form a new entity. The first is a transaction known as a purchase merger; the latter is a conglomerate merger.

The Particularities Of Acquisitions

In contrast with mergers, an acquisition occurs when a business acquires most of a business’s capital share or assets. However, the acquired company might continue business as usual, but the acquiring party will have more authority regarding decisions made and corporate structure. The types of acquisitions are similar to those of mergers and based on the type of businesses involved.

Regardless of the current stage and status of your transaction, our experienced mergers and acquisitions attorneys will build solutions and recommend approaches to make the most profit from your endeavor. We will advocate for your best interests by negotiating agreements, assisting you through due diligence, and working with the required parties to complete the paperwork. Rest assured that you have an experienced legal ally in your corner.

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