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Zealous And Innovative Legal Counsel In Shareholder Disputes And Business Divorce

Disputes may arise among partners and shareholders who used to share a business vision and interests in the past. Conversations and agreements could be contentious without experienced and reliable legal counsel.

The business attorneys at Breakaway Partners, in San Diego, have become our clients’ trusted legal partners. Our legal services cover the entire lifespan of a business. Therefore, when it comes to business divorce and shareholder disputes, we strive to represent your best interests. Our priority is to help you make informed decisions throughout the process.

Sophisticated And Customized Legal Solutions To Protect Your Assets And Interests

The term business divorce refers to the procedure through which business partners, shareholders, investors and other interested parties end a business relationship. As in every divorce, there are assets to divide, interests to protect and tax obligations to meet. Our San Diego-based business lawyers act to guide you and recommend potential legal strategies for these matters to meet your goals and protect your interests and rights.

The origin of a dispute that leads to a business divorce may be rooted in different causes, such as lack of communication, disagreements over the business goals or disagreement about management. Other causes include conflicts of interest and a breach of fiduciary duties or shareholder agreements.

As seasoned business litigators and mediators in California, we will advise you when your case can be better addressed through negotiation and mediation. We will also discuss if taking your dispute to court could help us fight for your rights. Our priority is to provide actionable approaches that are in line with your circumstances, expectations and interests. Moreover, we have the experience found at a large firm but focus on providing personalized legal services suited to your needs and expectations.

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