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Can an employee handbook benefit your financial advisor firm?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Employment Matters |

When you break away and start your own firm, you can expect to face many new responsibilities. For example, if this is your first time as a leader, you must develop a way to manage your employees effectively.

Contrary to popular belief, workers in all industries thrive when they have direction and know how to get answers to their questions and concerns. An employee handbook gives workers direction, details critical workplace policies and may help them feel secure in their jobs.

Now that you know how a handbook can benefit your staff, it is time to learn how it could help your firm.

Sets your expectations

You probably know what you expect from your staff members, but are you sure they share this knowledge? A handbook describing your expectations allows employees to focus on work instead of constantly interrupting you for answers.

Your handbook can address everyday matters like requesting vacation time and sensitive issues like how to report unethical or criminal conduct. In turn, your firm will operate much more smoothly.

Protects you from legal trouble

Handbooks with clear anti-discrimination and harassment policies can do much to prevent employment disputes in your firm. They should inform your staff about the formal complaint process and describe how you will investigate.

Since unfounded discrimination and harassment claims are always possible, your handbook can help you overcome an unwarranted complaint. Have your workers sign an acknowledgment that they have read and understood your policies for even more protection.

These are just two ways a well-drafted handbook can benefit your financial firm. Legal guidance can help you create an employee handbook that aligns with your firm’s goals and business practices.