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How do you manage unhappy clients at your investment firm?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Financial Industry Dispute Resolution |

Starting your own investment firm is a rewarding experience for most people. Some don’t think about planning for what happens if there’s an unhappy client with the firm. It can be a challenge to deal with these individuals, but there’s a chance that you could secure them as clients even longer. 

Remembering that an unhappy client is an opportunity for improvement may be beneficial to you. Consider these tips when you’re trying to handle someone who isn’t pleased with the service they’re receiving.

Take the time to listen

Your clients want to know that you understand their concerns. You should still listen even if you think the client is just being dramatic. You may learn that other things are going on in the client’s life that are contributing to their meltdown with you. This could even be a chance for you to help them find solutions that are within your area of expertise.

Evaluate the options with the client

Determine what options you can offer the client. Present those to them and discuss them. Be sure you only offer solutions that you can uphold. Honesty is crucial when you’re dealing with a client who isn’t happy with your firm.

Learn from the situation

Taking every step possible to protect your company is a priority. When you open a new firm, you need to set the standards for interactions with clients. Some clients will be thrilled with your services but others won’t be happy with anything you do. Because there’s a chance of legal action in these cases, it’s best if you have someone on your side who can help you through these circumstances.