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Signs it’s time to leave your firm

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2021 | Practice Migration |

As an investment advisor with a large firm, you’ve probably enjoyed some sense of stability. This might be the career you’ve dreamed of, but suddenly you want more. If you’re thinking about leaving a big-name firm, you should be sure that it’s really what you want. 

There are some signs that signal it’s time for a change. If you notice any of these at the firm you’re with, it might be time to plan your exit. 

You aren’t making money

Low commissions that don’t ever increase are a sign that you’re at a dead end with a company. A person who’s been with the company for many years shouldn’t make the same as someone who’s just starting out. Your income with a firm should match your experience. 

You see compliance issues

Investment firms must ensure they keep up with the current regulations governing the industry. If you notice compliance issues, it might be time to leave for a firm that’s reputable and that follows the regulations. You should also ensure that the firm complies with the responsibilities that are listed in your contract.

You don’t fit in with the culture

The culture at firms varies greatly, so you should ensure that you find one that you fit in with. This can also impact how you interact with clients. Working at a firm you can fully support and that fully supports you enables you to thrive, which also benefits your clients. 

It’s imperative that you review your contract to determine what you can do from here. Ensuring that you’re handling everything in a legal manner is one of the only ways that you can protect yourself. Because this is a very specialized area, you should work with someone who’s intimately familiar with these matters so you know your options and can be sure that you’re doing what’s in your best interests.