Form A
Pack That
Can Outrun
The Rest

From our San Diego office, we pride ourselves on more than 100 years of combined experience helping financial advisors and RIAs break away and become alphas in the financial world nationwide.

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Form A Financial Pack That Can Outrun The Rest

From our San Diego office, we pride ourselves on more than 100 years of combined experience helping financial advisors and RIAs break away and become alphas in the financial world nationwide.

Providing Investment Advisors Across The U.S. With Unapparelled Legal Counsel In The RIA Space.

Tailored Legal Solutions For Financial Advisors Looking To Break Away From The Pack

All investment advisors and RIAs have unique goals and dreams. Those may include making the leap from employment to ownership, moving to a new platform, or protecting the enterprise value you built in your business. In any situation, Breakaway Partners has the skill set, experience, and personalized legal approach to help you thrive and be respected as an alpha in the financial world. With over 100 years of combined experience, we always provide our clients with individualized legal support tailored to their personal goals and objectives.

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Top-Notch Services With Proven Results

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RIA Formation

Providing comprehensive guidance through all the steps necessary to move from employee to business owner.

Practice Migration

Helping you transition to a different platform that can allow you to better serve your clients and grow your business.

Financial Industry Dispute Resolution

Implementing a tenacious and aggressive strategy when confronted with financial industry disputes, including litigation and arbitration.

Employment Issues

Helping you effectively and proactively manage your workforce to comply with the necessary employment laws and avoid costly litigation.

Business & Commercial Litigation

Offering cutting-edge, aggressive, and proven dispute resolution and litigation representation.

What Our Clients Say

Whether dealing with employee issues, launching a new firm or just wanting competent counsel who is immediately responsive to your needs, I can highly recommend Chris and John to mitigate and navigate all of the above.

Kimberly Papedis
Fusion Financial Partners


Our Wealth Management Team was more than thrilled with John Vaughn, Chris Rowlett, and Breakaway Partners. They are thorough, very smart, skilled, thoughtful, and proved to be a great partner to lead us through an important time in our lives and careers.

Thomas J. Salvino
Performance Wealth


A Laser Focus On Determining Your Financial Advising Vision

At Breakaway Partners, our experienced San Diego-based legal team understands the careful consideration that goes into choosing to break away from your current wirehouse or RIA to form your own firm or transition to a new platform. This is an important decision for both you and your clients. We do not take it lightly.

Beginning with your initial consultation, we will listen to your individual concerns, determine where you are in the process, and work to understand your goals.Breakaway Partners will then provide honest insight into the viability of your plans. Our primary objective is to provide actionable advice to help you achieve your visions.

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Responsive And Relentless Advocacy Throughout The Entire Process

Regardless of where you are in the process of breaking away from your current employer, Breakaway Partners possesses the experience and knowledge to help make your move a success.

If your transition is imminent, we will review your contracts and help you clear the final hurdles.

If, on the other hand, you engage us earlier in the process, our services may be more all-inclusive, including contract review, resignation assistance, client communication, corporate formation and registration, equity distribution, initial compliance, client agreements, employment agreements and policies and ongoing counsel. 

Add A Trusted, Results-Oriented Legal Team To Your Pack

When Choosing A Law Firm, Responsiveness Matters

The philosophy of Breakaway Partners heavily revolves around responsive communication with our clients. The decision to break away is one of the most significant a financial advisor will make in their career. You need a legal partner who will answer all of the questions you have, promptly and accurately. ​Meeting your expectations, maintaining good attorney-client relationships and helping you make a successful transition all stem from responsiveness. At Breakaway Partners, you have direct access to San Diego-based partners John Vaughn and Chris Rowlett who will take the necessary time to provide you with comprehensive and honest responses.

When faced with one of the most difficult decisions of your life, you need an experienced and proven financial advising lawyer who will give you unparalleled dedication and attention to your case. Call us at 619-826-8345 or fill our our online contact form. While based in San Diego, California, we serve financial advisors in cities throughout the U.S.

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Meet Our Dedicated Attorneys

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John Vaughn

Co-Founder And Principal

Chris Rowlett

Co-Founder And Principal